The story of a photographer

I have had a camera in my hand since I was a little girl! It was always just something I did. Let's get a picture was my motto. My entire life the creative side of me was searching for an outlet. I tried art! I loved to paint but just wasn't good enough. Nothing else spoke to me on a personal level until I picked that camera up to document my kids growing up! They were active in sports so I became the sports photographer and I still am to this day.

One of my student photographers asked if I could take her senior pictures and the story began. Over the last twenty years I have branched out photographing families, weddings, engagements, surprise proposals, newborns and of course seniors. It has truly satisfied that creative, artistic side of my. I can honestly say, "I am an artist!". That makes me so proud.



"Justina was not only the most professional photographer we have had to deal with thus far in comparison to our other documented occasions (two weddings, two engagement parties, baby photos, graduation photos etc) but also the best! She was easy to book, on time, thorough, and her talent showed in every single picture! Highly recommended!
Despina's Mom!"